What People Want from Your Site

SEO for photographersSometimes, we design our site based on what we want to show and what we think will look good on it. Then, we neglect the fact that those sites are made to attract visitors, to provide something that people seek. To appeal to their ‘keyword’.

It’s time for lessons of SEO for photographers!

The first thing one needs to learn is to figure out what people typically seek from visiting a photographer’s site. What kind of business do you run with your photography skills? What kind of target market are you aiming? Commercial photographers aim for businessmen, wedding photographers aim for couples who plan to get married, and portrait photographers have quite a wide range of the target from singles to families.

Recognize your target market first and understand what they want to know and like from your service. Figuring out the latter can be tricky if you haven’t had a couple of clients before to help point them out for you. Based on this information, now you probably have the age range and of your target market and your site’s strengths.

We also love to provide as many information for our clients as possible but be warned that you are not bombarding your clients with them. Not everybody wants to know about your personal struggle in life to become a photographer or specifications of your cameras and other equipment. You may need an example of someone who can guide you in what they’d want to know from you.

Try checking out with friends and family members and ask them what they’d want to know from their wedding photographers. You’ll notice how they don’t use jargons that you are probably used to with. On the other hand, you can rely on www.photoproseo.com to see if you’re doing great with your site. You’ll also see a lot of lessons in SEO for photographers here, so giving it a visit won’t hurt.

Sometimes, however, people are unable to mention what they love not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t realize it. For example, they probably didn’t notice how your gallery is so easy to navigate with or how your site doesn’t lag even when a bunch of pictures is loaded. They don’t know how easy it is to find the buttons around your site or that the pictures you used on your homepage are extraordinary.

In order to figure this out, think: how can this site perform fast, smoother, and better? We know that most of you rely on a third-party to design the site, so you can ask them: how. On pages with a bunch of pictures in it, tell them that you want it to be easy to go through pictures for clients. You also want it easy for them to find the specific things they need.

For example, we often categorize baby photography under the portrait category. You can also try to create a separate page on it with its details. While it could be easier for you to just put the prices of all categories in one page, you can create each page for each category instead. It’ll also optimize your SEO for photographers because the whole page contains all information related to the keyword.