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Why Your North Wales Wedding Photographer Will be Thankful to You

North Wales wedding photographerA lot of couples ask us how can they find the best North Wales wedding photographer, but almost none asked how they can help their photographer. Well, rather than help, it’s more like how they can prevent themselves from making requests or do things that aren’t good for their wedding pictures. Every wedding photographer is different and has their own way of working.

But the following things are definitely agreed by most professional wedding photographers.

1. Don’t make a shotlist

It’s not forbidden to make a shotlist, but most people don’t know how to make a good shotlist. A lot of guides online show a list of 100 things to take pictures of, whereas 85% of them are things that photographers think are pretty obvious. As a photographer, they need their own space and world to work for you in a wedding, but keeping track of such a long list is very much distracting.

If you want to make a shotlist, keep in within 10 things you want to see outside the obvious. For example, you love the decorations that were handmade by a good friend of yours. Or you want a lot of pictures with your beloved grandparents. Things like this need reminders for the photographer and that’s the function of a shotlist.

2. He knows everything

Your photographer doesn’t know everything. It’s important, as a matter of fact, to keep the communication line clear and easy. Your photographer has other jobs to focus on, but once it’s your turn, he wants to make sure he knows everything about the wedding. From the place, decoration too, most importantly, the itinerary.

A professional North Wales wedding photographer, Maurice Roberts, mentions that couples easily mistake professional photographers as the all-knowing photographers. There are things that are not obvious to them. The most clients are willing to tell and answer their questions, the easier it is for them to give what they need and want.

3. Your guests

The next hurdle you need to take care of is your guests. As excited and happy they are for you, they can be a big problem for your photographer when it comes to taking pictures. Everyone wants to be the first to update about your wedding and they are competing with the photographer in getting the best place. The pictures that you will get, however, is only from your professional wedding photographer.

Give your North Wales wedding photographer a good position to shoot from without any problem. It’s going to be troublesome if you can’t give your photographer the space he needs to work!

4. Wedding rehearsal

Many photographers like to be invited to the rehearsal of their clients as they practice and do more with their clients. This is a really good chance to let your friends and family members get used to the photographer’s presence. On your wedding day, people will be less awkward around the photographer.

Your rehearsal is also the chance for the photographer to practice with you. They know better how you should pose and can plan better on where they should stand and take their pictures from. Not every photographer comes, but the ones that do are really good ones and you might want to hire that kind of North Wales wedding photographer.