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What People Want from Your Site

SEO for photographersSometimes, we design our site based on what we want to show and what we think will look good on it. Then, we neglect the fact that those sites are made to attract visitors, to provide something that people seek. To appeal to their ‘keyword’.

It’s time for lessons of SEO for photographers!

The first thing one needs to learn is to figure out what people typically seek from visiting a photographer’s site. What kind of business do you run with your photography skills? What kind of target market are you aiming? Commercial photographers aim for businessmen, wedding photographers aim for couples who plan to get married, and portrait photographers have quite a wide range of the target from singles to families.

Recognize your target market first and understand what they want to know and like from your service. Figuring out the latter can be tricky if you haven’t had a couple of clients before to help point them out for you. Based on this information, now you probably have the age range and of your target market and your site’s strengths.

We also love to provide as many information for our clients as possible but be warned that you are not bombarding your clients with them. Not everybody wants to know about your personal struggle in life to become a photographer or specifications of your cameras and other equipment. You may need an example of someone who can guide you in what they’d want to know from you.

Try checking out with friends and family members and ask them what they’d want to know from their wedding photographers. You’ll notice how they don’t use jargons that you are probably used to with. On the other hand, you can rely on www.photoproseo.com to see if you’re doing great with your site. You’ll also see a lot of lessons in SEO for photographers here, so giving it a visit won’t hurt.

Sometimes, however, people are unable to mention what they love not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t realize it. For example, they probably didn’t notice how your gallery is so easy to navigate with or how your site doesn’t lag even when a bunch of pictures is loaded. They don’t know how easy it is to find the buttons around your site or that the pictures you used on your homepage are extraordinary.

In order to figure this out, think: how can this site perform fast, smoother, and better? We know that most of you rely on a third-party to design the site, so you can ask them: how. On pages with a bunch of pictures in it, tell them that you want it to be easy to go through pictures for clients. You also want it easy for them to find the specific things they need.

For example, we often categorize baby photography under the portrait category. You can also try to create a separate page on it with its details. While it could be easier for you to just put the prices of all categories in one page, you can create each page for each category instead. It’ll also optimize your SEO for photographers because the whole page contains all information related to the keyword.

Don’ts of Photography SEO

photography SEOThere are a lot of things that a photographer needs to know if he wants to really make use of his website. But before we delve into what you can do, we’d like to talk about the things you need to absolutely avoid in photography SEO.

Don’t abuse keywords

There are still people naively thinking that spamming keywords is going to hasten their journey to reach the first page of Google. Good luck with that, you might not last a couple of days, let alone, reach the first page. The algorithm of Google is everchanging, adapting to the new tricks that people have in spamming keywords.

Black and gray hat SEO are two things that you should refrain from doing. These two techniques rely on monopolizing the coding that causes one to be ranked on top unnaturally. Successful sites reach their position due to their long history and number of daily visits that happen as well as the length of time one has a site.

Don’t repost the same content

It’s not going to make your visitors happy. Some people do this in order to generate new visitors to their page as it seems to be a content that lots of people enjoy. What you should do instead of reposting is to upload new content that is related to it.

On the other hand, you can design a draft that will allow the content to flow and continue to other articles. This will keep the visitor engaged and to click on the next article. You can check www.photoproseo.com for more guidance on photography SEO, which also helps you with how to manage media files.

Don’t just upload pictures

Before you upload them, make sure you name them right. Don’t leave it with its present name of JPG123 or IMG123. That isn’t going to register well in the Google’s index. It appreciates titles that explain what the picture is. So, for example, you’re uploading pictures that you took at a wedding venue, make use of the venue’s name.

When you upload the pictures, use alt text and tags to make it even easier to find your picture. People are still going to type to find your site. One of the ways to do that is through the pictures you take. It’s especially useful to generate visitors to raise the traffic. Traffic will eventually increase your rank to be found by people that are looking for photographers specifically.

Don’t stop updating

There are many kinds of updates you need to maintain when you own a site. There’s the version update for the theme, plugins, and the platform. All these require constant 24/7 monitoring and that’s why having a hosting provider do it for you is easier.

The next update is in terms of content. Be sure to always have something new on your site every one or two months. Keep it active by uploading your latest work to keep people coming back and instill interest in potential clients.

Photography SEO does n’ts are best avoided at all cost. Not avoiding them will impact your site heavily when many others are already excelling and around for a much longer time.

Photographers: Website and SEO 101

seo for photographersOkay, so you want to make a website to expand your photography business. That’s great thinking! And we are here ready to give you a quick guide to set up your first website nicely!

Web hosting

There are several means of setting a free website, however, the limitations imposed make it impossible for you to use the Internet to the fullest, unless you don’t care about exposure and simply want to post your content to the Internet.

There are many great web hosting out there and several perks of using this is a private domain of yours (free of .blogspot or .wordpress or any other affiliate powering host), great monitoring and protection against malware, virus and other harmful contents.


There are several ways to enhance SEO for photographers and we will list some of the most effective ones.

SEO Plugins

Lots of high quality SEO plugins are available for download around the Internet, such YoastSEO, that promotes premium services for upgraded version and generally awesome functions for all users. These plugins help optimize your site by determining the keywords that best rank your site for example. They also help analyze your webpages and optimize them automatically.


Words are nonetheless the strongest factors that determine if your site will ever be visited at all. The reason is because Google search only works with words.

When writing your content, avoid what Google calls ‘keyword stuffing’ that is usually done by spamming the same keywords in a way that is unnatural to read and other gray hat SEO (methods that are not wrong, but tricky) such as grammatically wrong keywords, or worse, black hat SEO (aggressive SEO method) putting them outside readable screen or blending in with the background image/color.

Your content also needs to be consistent throughout the time. You should not be tempted to go posting anything that trends, such as BitCoins, when your site is about photography.


There are several things you need to do to optimize your images. First, they have to correlate with the content of your site, so if you are a wedding photographer, it has to be filled with wedding pictures. And then, the caption and name of file that you use for those pictures also need to be SEO optimized, because Google considers these factors into ranking the page. Use keywords in that caption.

Permalink/page name

Never look down on naming your page name. Permalink of your every page have to be properly names and neatly categorized. Google make use of the breadcrumbs of these names to be considered into its organic search factors. For example, instead of yoursire.com/wedding/22, where 22 means nothing to Google, yoursite.com/wedding/reportage/dean&sam has a better chance to rank high.


Google also takes in the factor of your site’s age and activity. The more active you are, the better will your site rank. Google also considers trusting older site with consistent content better.


Regularly, schedule maintenance to update your theme, site, plugins and everything to a better version. Take the time to regulate the comment sections in your site and decide whether to close certain comment sections and install plugins that prevent spamming and dangerous contents from being posted there.