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5 Characteristics of a Professional Photographer in York

photographer in YorkThis is the guide that every couple planning for the perfect wedding needs. You want to have the best photographer who is not just all about that price but is also showing the characteristics of one. Let us show you what are the five things that a professional photographer in York will always have and show.

We know that you are not someone super fancy with photography terms nor are you super interested in it. But right now, you need to be suddenly good with finding someone professional in it, so we’ll make it easy, but also concise for you!

1. Experienced

The first thing a professional will always have is the experience. You are someone who never had the experience, but that shouldn’t be how it is with your vendors. Especially for a wedding photographer. When you look up about them, they will tell you how many years they have worked as a photographer in general and as a wedding photographer specifically.

Experience tells a lot of story about what the photographer is capable of. It also allows you to look through his past works and decide if he’s as good as he says he is.

2. Friendly

A good photographer will know how important it is to have a good relationship with every client. It’s not just about keeping it a fun and conducive working environment but also affects the pictures that are captured. Troubled faces are not good to be added to the collection. If you look at the pictures worked by Kirsty Mattson Photography, a professional photographer in York, you know they are really happy with their photographer.

3. Willingness to negotiate

Many people think that a good photographer will not want to negotiate at all with their clients. They have high demands and that makes it easy for them to find someone who is willing to pay full price. But if your photographer is really that good, he will be willing to sit down and think together with you the best price you can get. Why?

Wedding photography is not a business with return customers. The only reason you will ever return is if they offer something else and because of that, they will want to show that they are not just trying to make you pay as much as possible. They can even customize the wedding package for you!

4. Working attitude

A wedding photographer who is serious about the job will talk about it seriously when you meet. He won’t stray and listen properly to what you have to say. This conversation will have a lot of back and forth where the photographer asks and answers your concerns. Walking out of this conversation will let you know what the photographer is willing to do and what you will get from him.

5.  Insurance

The professional photographer in York that we once met told us that insurance is not something to take lightly of. If anyone in the field of wedding photography does not have an insurance with him, you know he doesn’t take his job seriously enough. Insurance protects many things and even wedding venues nowadays require it. Clients should do the same as well!