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Adding Variety to Your Images as a Photographer Dundee

As a photographer Dundee it is necessary to think out of the box to be exceptional. One of the ways to achieve this is adding variety to your images. After all, what sense does it make shooting the same thing over and over?

To help you achieve this I have come up with a few steps. I bet after reading you would be able to add enough variety to your images as a photographer Dundee.

Making use of different focal lengths

You can try shooting your subject from different focal lengths. Try shooting from very close and try shooting the same picture from a distance away. What this does is that it alters the look of your subject and how your subject appears in the picture. It also affects how blurred the background will appear by changing the depth of the field. You also get to impact how relaxed your subject looks, different distances help you achieve this.

Shooting from different angles

Changing angles can make a huge difference with your pictures. Sometimes you will need to get on your knees and sometimes you will need to climb up a platform or lay on your belly. The more angles you take, the more variety you add to your shot.

Using different formats

The regular modes of holding a camera are horizontally and vertically. Sometimes you just need to break the status quo and take your shots diagonally, mix it up.

Avoid the blink in the group shots

Most times when photographing a group, someone is going to blink and that could spoil your image. To eliminate this sort of error you need to take the shot a couple of times over. It might be a bit stressful but it will be worth it at the end of the day.

Using the multiple shot feature

Most modern cameras come with a feature that allows you to take multiple photos simply by pressing down on the shutter button a little longer than normal. Doing this puts you in pole position to catch your subject in a more natural pose after their original pose.

Exposure bracketing

This is mostly used by pro-photographers but you can try it too. Though some cameras come with this feature, it can be achieved manually with your camera. All you have to do is simply manipulate the exposure by first underexposing and then gradually dialing it up till your last picture. You can then pick out your best from the lot.

Try out different modes

Every camera comes with different modes, even the simplest ones. These modes include sports, landscape, portrait, night, etc. When taking pictures try flickering through the different modes since each mode comes with its own settings. The result of this different quality of pictures that feel of variety.

Tell a story with your images

Try telling a story with your shots when you have the opportunity to instead of just taking one or two shots. Make it like a movie, a beginning shot, middle shot, and an end shot, it will all make sense in the end.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you as a photographer Dundee to create more variety with your images. I would love to read your suggestions in the comments section on how to create variety with images on Angus Forbes Photography