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Wedding Photographer Manners 101

wedding photographer PeterboroughHow you act matters as much as how good your photography skills are. Remember that a wedding photographer Peterborough needs to be the kind of person that your clients want to invite to their wedding party.

It will eventually affect your career in the long term, so pay attention!

1. Wear like a guest

If you’re going to a garden party, then wear like you’re attending one. Be sure that you’re not putting the shame on your clients because everybody would notice that you’re a photographer. You also don’t want to distract people and make them feel uncomfortable just by being around you.

Wearing the wrong outfit will also cause distractions that will affect the pictures that you take. You need everyone to stay with the flow, but you can’t do that if they keep looking at you because of those flippers or khaki shorts.

2. Act like a professional

What kind of approach will you be using? Most clients like it best if you can take the fly-on-the-wall approach. Remaining hidden throughout the party to get those pictures with natural-looking expressions on everyone’s face. This doesn’t end on how you take pictures.

When you’re not taking pictures, make sure that you’re not playing games in the middle of the party, or messing around with other people. Distractions like this can cause you to miss important moments and you will not get a second chance.

On the other hand, don’t act like a mute; if you can hit up a good conversation with the people around you, that’d be great. It will put them in a more relaxed situation in front of your camera. A professional wedding photographer Peterborough should always be able to differentiate this and you’ll be able to take pictures like www.emmajoyphotography.co.uk.

3. Don’t be ridiculous

Being bold is important for a photographer to capture those amazing pictures. But being ridiculous in the middle of a party is a big NO-NO. If you’re taking some posed pictures outside the venue on your free time, you shouldn’t be too worried that anyone will see you. But when it’s in the middle of the ceremony, you need to show respect to the people around you.

Not only is it distracting, it puts your client in an uncomfortable spot. So, while being bold is important, try to take pictures in a way that is still acceptable and respectful.

4.    Don’t command

Don’t give orders to how everyone should act for your camera. Always let the flow to go naturally. Even when you’re dealing with posed pictures with the groupies, remember to stay friendly. Becoming their friends before this will certainly make them better listeners to your directions. Learn to crack up some jokes and be more confident in your social skills.

Instead of commanding, try to start each of your sentence with something positive. “That’s good, how about we tilt that head a little more to the left?” Sounds better than, “No, no, I need your head more to the left.”

Rejections always create a frowning expression from your subjects, something that you absolutely don’t want to happen. A professional wedding photographer Peterborough should always know how to make his subjects listen and understand, not command.