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Important Basics in Newborn Photography

newborn photographyNewborn photography has to do with photographing new born babies at their tender age. When it comes to photographing babies, a lot of parents consider some certain things. Things like, what is the right time to photograph my new born? Who to photograph my new born? And a lot of other questions. Now as a new born photographer you need to know some of the basic things involved in new born photography.

What is the right age for newborn photography?

The ideal age for a new born photography is when a new born is younger than two weeks, however, most parents would want their babies to be up to two weeks old, and it’s still ok. The first two weeks of a baby are special and capturing those moments are quite necessary. As time goes on, our memory gets foggy and we might forget a lot of things that happened during the first weeks of the new born baby.

With new born photography at these first days of a new born, special memories are captured and even though the parents may not be in the photos, they can remember in details the emotions they felt and the events that happened on that day. In essence, new born photography is quite important.

What are the essential tips to consider in newborn photography?

  • Pay Attention to details

When it comes to newborn photography, a lot of parents tends to have different views and taste. They want their photo sessions with their new born to turn out successful and unique, so they would want the photographer to do something different. As a new born photographer, make sure you pay attention to every details. Take note of every request and maybe ideas of the parents.

  • Make sure your client is prepared

To successfully get the best memories of your baby photography, make sure the parents of the new born are prepared. In other words, make sure your clients are ready for their new born to come under camera lights and all.

  • Let the sight of the baby captivate you

Now one of the important thing in new born photography is the ability to be inspired by the new born. Babies are very fragile and at the same time beautiful and wonderful. New born photography shows the true beauty of nature. Let the captivating sight of the new born sleeping, their little hands and legs, their perfectly moulded heads and tiny hair be your motivation.

  • Be focused

Taking new born photography can be tasking and demanding but trust me, it’s worth it. Getting the best of new born photography requires staying in the moment. Do not let anything distract you. Give no room for any sort of distractions at all. Let your entire focus be on the new born. That way you can achieve your aim of capturing the best shots of the new born and the emotions surrounded by every shot will be more visible.

Newborn photography is one of the most amazing things that can happen to photography. Babies are beautiful sights to behold especially during their tender days.

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4 Signs of a Professional Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Raleigh newborn photographerWhat you need the most in a newborn photography is a reliable, professional newborn photographer. The rest will follow through. A professional Raleigh newborn photographer that you will need must show these four signs that we are about to explain.

If you can’t see one of the signs, make sure to check out other photographers first to find a better candidate.

1. Experienced

The newborn photographer has to be experienced with what he or she is doing. This is a job that involves a newborn baby at the life stage that is most fragile to every human being. A small mistake can lead to a dangerous situation for the baby. Not to mention that as someone who is not that well informed about photographer and baby’s life, you might not notice the danger around the baby!

Find someone who has shot multiple baby pictures and has the portfolios to show you. If there’s anything you want to ask about the newborn photography, he or she shouldn’t hesitate to answer that it’s a safe and enjoyable session.

2. Unique

Your newborn photographer has to be unique and able to tell you how he or she is different from the others. There is a need for a differentiation so that you are not paying a high price for just another similar photographer with the guy before. One way to do this is, again, by checking out his portfolios.

You can also ask to be shown the set and the props that the photographer generally works with. Ask the photographer what he likes to do with newborn baby pictures and what he usually inspires him to capture something different with each baby.

3. Flexible and friendly

A newborn photographer has to be flexible with the schedule and arrangement for newborn photography. It’s due to the fact that no one knows for sure when your delivery date is. What the doctor tells you is just a prediction and it could be late or too soon. You want your photographer to assure you that, yes, you can schedule it within one to two weeks from the promised date just in case.

You also want to only work with a Raleigh newborn photographer that is friendly and comfortable to be around with. After checking out Sally Salerno Photography, we realized this is an important quality. Mothers who are tired and exhausted from post-labor are extremely happy and glad when they get a photographer who understands them. It helps them relax and enjoy the long hours of waiting.

4. Safe

The last but definitely not the last thing to think about is whether the Raleigh newborn photographer you hire considers the safety of the baby seriously. There are still experienced photographers who think of great shots more than the baby’s safety. And while accidents rarely happen, we don’t bet on the fact! We want to make sure that our baby is cared for and handled in the right hand.

Check if the newborn photographer you are hiring has these 4 signs. If yes, all that’s left is a matter of preference and style!