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Mistakes A Wedding Photography Should Never Make

Lancashire wedding photographerWedding photography can be a tough job especially if as a photographer you fail to take note of the little details. The little details are what can unmake or make a photographer on the day of a wedding. So, what are these details?

Failure to Create a Schedule of Events

So, the bride tells you what she wants, but a few days later, she calls saying she wants a few other things added and asks if you can eliminate certain parts already agreed upon (change the shade of the pictures to monochrome, let us shoot in the afternoon etc.). This may go on for quite some time and you find yourself with probably a week to the wedding and 3 changed schedules. What you should do at this point in time is to reach out to the bride, possibly have a sit down and finally agree on what should happen on the day of the wedding so as to prevent confusion and disappointment.

Failure to adhere to the schedule

On the day of the wedding, the wedding couple believes that you will be following the schedule already agreed upon. Normally, this schedule contains details of shots to be taken, the time for the shots and the likes. As a photographer, you are allowed to want to express your creativity but do not do that at the detriment of the couple. If the couple says they want a certain shot taken then ensure you do so before satisfying your own creative whim. This way you get to satisfy the needs of the client first and perhaps have more to offer for them creating a win-win situation.

Focusing on taking pictures and not about the moments

In Jade Doherty Photography, one thing we strive to do is capture the moments that take place in a wedding and not just click pictures. A wedding is made up of people and moments and for a good photographer, their pictures should be about telling the story of the moments that make the wedding what it is – a joyous occasion. So, during the wedding, do not pay attention to only the angle of your camera or how the light distorts a shot, although they matter, it should not come first before the memories.


Posing is one thing most photographers have their clients do on their wedding day. However, in the age we live in, this should not be the only thing making up the album. Not every picture in the wedding album should be staged afterall, the wedding will comprise of various moments that are not staged. You can decide to have preliminary shots of the couple on a staged platform, but strive to mix in a little originality and pictures of things as they occurred naturally.

Remember, the wedding day of a couple comes just once and the memories made on that day are not ones you can create just any day. As the wedding photographer, your responsibility is to ensure that they have perfect memories of that day in the pictures you shoot. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to avoid making mistakes such as those mentioned above.

Why The Wedding Photographer Lancashire Has To Be Flexible 

Lancashire wedding photographerAn important attribute which a wedding photographer must possess is “flexibility”. Wedding photography is not something that can be done standing in one location with the hopes of having the shots taking within a limited scope. The wedding photographer must actively seek out these moments and get his camera ready to capture the shots that happen to capture his eye.

Wedding photography has definitely evolved over the years to become an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

With such a prominent part to play in the wedding, there are several couples who do not let their ceremony proceed without the photographer being on hand to capture the moments. With the importance of wedding photography, it therefore comes as no surprise that there are companies like http://www.jadedohertyphotography.co.uk/ dedicated to it.

You might be wondering that with the turn of the century, presence of all kinds of technological gadget that aid photography and the many wedding photography professionals, why is flexibility a needed attribute?

This is because there are many situations which a professional photographer is likely to find themselves involved in and the ability to adapt and make the best of those situations comes from them being flexible. Weddings are truly unpredictable events that can even put a dent in the best laid plans. A wedding photographer might attend a wedding with a set plan and a way by which to go about taking the pictures but something will always happen that can waylay them. The best wedding photographers will not let this stop them from doing their job instead they view it as a challenge on their ability to adapt.

The modern wedding has however made the need for flexibility fade into the background a bit as most people tend to have wedding rehearsals that are choreographed to prevent unwanted situations. Weddings are now planned down to the detail from the start time to the time where the couple exchanges the ring and finally head off for their honeymoon. However, the modern wedding may be choreographed but the wedding photographs are not.

From a photographic point of view, the wedding still remains unpredictable.

For example, the professional cannot say for sure how many shots he will need to take of a certain situation, he cannot say what type of shots will feature in the frame and he definitely cannot decide on the best angle that will be best for a moment that has not even taken place. The wedding photographer can still find himself challenged in the predictable shots of the bride and groom taking their first kiss as the angle he may have may not be the best one to take the shot. Even with this, he knows that this is one shot that he cannot afford to miss so he has to find a way around it.

Another area that requires the wedding photographer to be flexible is in the hours a wedding lasts for. You may be surprised to know that weddings can start as early as 10 am yet still go on till 2 am the next day.