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Tools The Edinburgh Photographer Needs for Their Job

Edinburgh photographerEvery profession has that one tool that they are known for. As a matter of fact it serves as a trademark or brand of sought. The judge’s trademark is the gavel which is used at court, the carpenter has the hammer or tool belt representing what they do, the doctor has the stethoscope that signifies what he or she does.

So, in the case of the Edinburgh photographer, what could possibly be the defining tool that serves as the trademark or acts as a representation of the profession? That would be the camera. In photography, the aim is to capture images of moments as they occur. Photography can be posed or candid but it does not change the fact that the goal is to ensure that certain memories are captured on camera.

Now, the avenue of capturing these images happens to be the camera. Without it, some of these precious memories that are cherished by individuals might not be captured. However, despite the fact that the camera is a very important tool, this is not the only tool/equipment the photographer uses.

The same is the so for every other profession. A judge does not only make use of a gavel to carry out his duties, the same applies for a carpenter who is likely to make use of other tools except a hammer. Even the doctor is no different as already things apart from the stethoscope are put to use when carrying out their duties.

In that case, other tools a photographer is likely to make use of to fulfill their duties include:

Editing software

In the modern day, photography is no longer about capturing memories. Simply owning a camera and printing out the picture is not enough. The photographer still has to do more work after capturing the memories on camera.

This is where the editing software comes in. There are different types available from Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, VSCO etc. The one a photographer decides to use may depend on familiarity, preference or need. These software enables the photographer improve upon the look of an image.

In present times, most of the work on an image is done after the actual shooting. Detailing, Brightening, Saturation etc are things done after the images have been shot.


A camera is a good tool for capturing images but not all cameras have the inbuilt capabilities required to get the best images. Some times, you may need additional accessories to get the type of output you require. Such a situation occurs when you need to zoom in on an image or gain a wider angle of one.

If your camera is not able to deliver the perspective or focus you require, then having a lens is a must! Lenses come in different forms. There are some that offer better focus, some allow for far length shooting while others are best used at night. Regardless of the use you have for it, there is bound to be a lens that satisfies it.

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