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Baby Photography: Expect and Prepare

baby photographyMaybe you’ve been in the baby photography business for a long time. Or maybe you’re just about to dive into the field. Either way, you’re here to find out ways to create an even better experience for your clients and ensure that you can provide high-quality service.

It’s not easy admittedly, because babies can’t be controlled or modeled. All you can do is snap the moment and whatever expressions they show. We cannot help you to make the baby laugh again, that’s more like an innate talent. But we can help you expect the problems that may come and prevent them or solve them.

‘Accidents’ happen

Yep, babies can’t tell you when they need to go to the toilet. That’s why you can expect accidents to happen to your set sooner or later! Because this happens often, parents might be wary on the hygiene of the set. You will also need to be able to clean it up quickly, so the session can move on.

You need to have wet tissue and clean towel at your disposal. Depending on the props that are going to be used, in the case they got dirtied as well, you should prepare a substitute if necessary. Sometimes, the accidents happen when the parents are holding their babies and it got on them. They’ll have to clean up and change into a new set of clothes. Expect things to extend the time necessary to get this done.

Explain things to your parents

Your clients will first ask how long the session could be. The best thing to tell them is to not expect the quickest, but the longest needed time. Look at the pictures of baby photography done by www.juliaandmia.com. If you want to know, many of them took longer than 2 hours, but worth it.

Help them prepare and explain the things that could happen. This way, they can arrange their schedule and make sure that everything can be done in one day, without getting pressured by time.

Babies react… unexpectedly

We never prepare for the kind of expressions babies are going to show. In fact, sometimes, parents can get disappointed because their babies weren’t too happy or surprised as they hoped. There’s no telling to how to make your baby react likewise, thus, you can only shoot what is given to you. Whether that’s a laughing baby, crying baby, or an ignorant one.

This should also be explained to parents. Even if the pictures you showed them were babies that looked very intrigued and interested in whatever is going on, tell the parents that each baby reacts differently. They have, after all, different parents and different ways of presenting things. This can help you to avoid disappointments and create realistic expectations for the parents.

Babies grow up

Yep, babies grow up. In baby photography, you also find photographers who expand their line of work to children and family portraits. It’s because the method and subjects that you shoot don’t actually differ that much. It can be deemed easier as you can direct your clients as to where and how they should look or act.

Keep the line of communication and relationship well with all your clients. You never know when one of them will still remember and come back to you with their graduating children.

Embracing The New Addition into The Family

Be Joyful!

baby photographyChildren are blessings and they bring this atmosphere that radiates peace, happiness especially when they are born. I have observed the way an expectant mother radiates joy when pregnant with her child. People love to help, assist or be there for pregnant ladies whether at the grocery store, Public Park, work environment because of the condition they are.

Hey Newbie

Are you a newbie going into baby photography and you want tips on how to be successful in this aspect of photography, my simple advice is for you to learn to leave your problems back home and be joyful, be exciting, be playful especially when it comes to babies. Most new-born babies don’t like when that ray of flash light enters their eye and when you try to confine them to strike a particular pose just to achieve that image. Very often, babies cry when it is time to take that picture because you are invading their space.

So how do you calm them?

First of all, if you have a studio you intend to set up for your baby photography, use bright, colourful and attractive backdrops and let the paint be cool. Different colours have different effects, we will talk about that in another article.

Also, place attractive objects around that these beautiful creatures will try to reach out to on sighting them.

Let the lighting of your studio room be good, not to sharp and not dull. It should be good enough for the job.

Get good high definition cameras like the SLE or DSLE type (there is an article already written where I explained them fully) and good brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony and a host of others.

You can also get an assistant to assist you in baby photography; this depends on your budget though.

Please don’t bring any animal into your studio, you don’t want a situation where the baby is terrified of the animal. Don’t be grumpy, moody or sad. They are intelligent creatures, they also know when someone is not cordial.

It is important to be friendly, play a lot with them, laugh, and make funny faces. Babies like to imitate you when you play with them; that way you get them to relax so your photograph can come out well.

Well I don’t have a studio

These tips are not limited to those who have a photography studio. If you are going to delve into baby photography, you should still be fun. Don’t appear too serious but don’t think that this aspect of photography is less important than other areas of photography. Many photographers make an average income from doing things like this. Perhaps you should know one or two in your vicinity, learn from them.

Last piece of advice

Don’t delve into baby photography if you are not patient or tolerant with children. Sometimes they can be in very nasty moods but you have to be patient with them to achieve what you want from them except you don’t want further recommendations for your work. You can combine it with other areas of photography as well, it depends on what you want and how good you are.

Pointers For Your Baby Photoshoot

Natural light.

baby photoshootLighting is everything in photography and this is what you should consider as much as possible when you are planning out your baby photoshoot with the professional photographer that you are planning to hire out at the end of the day. Most of the photographers will advise you to schedule the baby photoshoot during the middle part of the morning. This way, the sun is up but it technically isn’t in its highest position just yet which will ensure that the lighting isn’t all that harsh. It will make it very difficult for your photographer to capture the best looking baby photos if lighting is something that he will have to struggle with all the time. Capturing the photos during the best time of the day will ensure that you have diffused lighting. You need to make sure that you have this set up the right way and things will pan out for you so much easier when it all comes down to it. You will also be doing your photographer a really huge favour while you are at it so get this taken into account when you are planning out the details of the baby photoshoot that you are trying to make arrangements for.

Get a skilled baby photographer.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the technicalities of composition and angles and so on and so forth. That is what the baby photographer is there for in the first place. When you have someone experienced and skilled to go ahead and get the job done, you have less things to worry about at the end of the day and it should all work out for you in the end. Go through a photographer’s portfolios so that you can see proof of his previous works and so that you can prejudge a photographer on whether or not he is skilled in what he does when it all comes down to it. Don’t make the mistake of hiring out an amateur for a job like this because this could be costly for you. You only get a small window to get your baby’s milestones photographed and you need to make sure that you get to go ahead and seize that opportunity while you are at it by hiring out the right professional baby photographer for the job.

Candid shots.

Posed baby photos are nice to take a look at and all that but it they can also be challenging. Your photographer needs to be able to take great looking candid shots as well in the event that the baby turns out to be just a tad bit difficult to work with during the baby photoshoot. Candid shots, when taken skilfully, can be just as nice to take a look at so get that figured out and you just might have things mapped out for you the right way.

Join in on the action.

Help out in any way that you can as a parent. Prep the baby and cuddle him and comfort him in the best ways that you can because only you know your baby the most.

Baby Photography Rules For Parents

baby photographyParents love having their lovable munchkins be the subject of photography. Who wouldn’t? Babies are one of the best subjects when it comes to photography because they are cute, innocent and overall just so easy to handle. However, baby photography can be a total disaster if the parents of the little angel are unprepared, uninformed and uncooperative. Say goodbye to those adorable sleepy shots and hi to portrait of a grumpy faced baby all because mommy dearest forgot to feed the little dear. Yes, parents play a big part in baby photography and can affect the flow of the session. If you want your baby to shine on camera, you better remember these rules.

Rule number one is to always have everything ready.

This includes the subject which is your baby. The overall outcome of the baby photography depends on whether your child decides to be cooperative and actually pose for the camera. A lot of photographers will have difficulty working with a baby who is fussy and grumpy. Babies operate on their own thinking but this doesn’t mean parents can’t do anything to help shift that thinking to being behaved for the camera. Parents should always make sure their baby is in the optimal condition for the baby photography. Jr. should have had a full-breakfast, ten hours of sleep and snuggle time with his favorite teddy before the shoot. This will make the child attentive and prepared for the work ahead of him.

The next rule is to have the contingency plans at the ready.

Babies are unpredictable and can shift moods rather quickly. One minute they are smiling sweetly at the camera, the next they are crying their lungs out. Thus, parents should have all the equipment needed to combat these mood swings. Extra diapers should be packed, a bottle already ready in one hand and baby’s purple dinosaur close just in case the little monster decides to throw a tantrum.

Your photograph will be grateful and the baby photography will pass by like a cool breeze.

Have a plan for every scenario, especially the worst case ones and you’ll assure yourself cute baby pictures. The rules parents should live by when doing baby photography is to allow the photographer some room. Don’t breathe down the photographers next. It is kind of creepy and will do nothing but hinder the baby photography. Your professional photographer has been doing baby photography for years and knows what he is doing. Don’t be the “know it all” mom that everyone hates. Let your photographer work with your child and you standing as a spectator not a dictator. If you see something you don’t like or if you have an idea in mind, calmly talk to the photographer about it. He’ll be happy to hear about it and discuss it would. This is a better solution than to go chew the photographer out.

The last rule is to never leave the room until the baby photography is finished.

Babies suffer from separation anxiety and will fuss when they can’t see. Always be where your child can see you to avoid episodes of crying. These rules are full proof and the best way to avoid failing in baby photography. Review the baby photography (https://suekennedy.co.uk/) portfolio if you would like to get started.