Photographers: Website and SEO 101

seo for photographersOkay, so you want to make a website to expand your photography business. That’s great thinking! And we are here ready to give you a quick guide to set up your first website nicely!

Web hosting

There are several means of setting a free website, however, the limitations imposed make it impossible for you to use the Internet to the fullest, unless you don’t care about exposure and simply want to post your content to the Internet.

There are many great web hosting out there and several perks of using this is a private domain of yours (free of .blogspot or .wordpress or any other affiliate powering host), great monitoring and protection against malware, virus and other harmful contents.


There are several ways to enhance SEO for photographers and we will list some of the most effective ones.

SEO Plugins

Lots of high quality SEO plugins are available for download around the Internet, such YoastSEO, that promotes premium services for upgraded version and generally awesome functions for all users. These plugins help optimize your site by determining the keywords that best rank your site for example. They also help analyze your webpages and optimize them automatically.


Words are nonetheless the strongest factors that determine if your site will ever be visited at all. The reason is because Google search only works with words.

When writing your content, avoid what Google calls ‘keyword stuffing’ that is usually done by spamming the same keywords in a way that is unnatural to read and other gray hat SEO (methods that are not wrong, but tricky) such as grammatically wrong keywords, or worse, black hat SEO (aggressive SEO method) putting them outside readable screen or blending in with the background image/color.

Your content also needs to be consistent throughout the time. You should not be tempted to go posting anything that trends, such as BitCoins, when your site is about photography.


There are several things you need to do to optimize your images. First, they have to correlate with the content of your site, so if you are a wedding photographer, it has to be filled with wedding pictures. And then, the caption and name of file that you use for those pictures also need to be SEO optimized, because Google considers these factors into ranking the page. Use keywords in that caption.

Permalink/page name

Never look down on naming your page name. Permalink of your every page have to be properly names and neatly categorized. Google make use of the breadcrumbs of these names to be considered into its organic search factors. For example, instead of, where 22 means nothing to Google, has a better chance to rank high.


Google also takes in the factor of your site’s age and activity. The more active you are, the better will your site rank. Google also considers trusting older site with consistent content better.


Regularly, schedule maintenance to update your theme, site, plugins and everything to a better version. Take the time to regulate the comment sections in your site and decide whether to close certain comment sections and install plugins that prevent spamming and dangerous contents from being posted there.