Don’ts of Photography SEO

photography SEOThere are a lot of things that a photographer needs to know if he wants to really make use of his website. But before we delve into what you can do, we’d like to talk about the things you need to absolutely avoid in photography SEO.

Don’t abuse keywords

There are still people naively thinking that spamming keywords is going to hasten their journey to reach the first page of Google. Good luck with that, you might not last a couple of days, let alone, reach the first page. The algorithm of Google is everchanging, adapting to the new tricks that people have in spamming keywords.

Black and gray hat SEO are two things that you should refrain from doing. These two techniques rely on monopolizing the coding that causes one to be ranked on top unnaturally. Successful sites reach their position due to their long history and number of daily visits that happen as well as the length of time one has a site.

Don’t repost the same content

It’s not going to make your visitors happy. Some people do this in order to generate new visitors to their page as it seems to be a content that lots of people enjoy. What you should do instead of reposting is to upload new content that is related to it.

On the other hand, you can design a draft that will allow the content to flow and continue to other articles. This will keep the visitor engaged and to click on the next article. You can check for more guidance on photography SEO, which also helps you with how to manage media files.

Don’t just upload pictures

Before you upload them, make sure you name them right. Don’t leave it with its present name of JPG123 or IMG123. That isn’t going to register well in the Google’s index. It appreciates titles that explain what the picture is. So, for example, you’re uploading pictures that you took at a wedding venue, make use of the venue’s name.

When you upload the pictures, use alt text and tags to make it even easier to find your picture. People are still going to type to find your site. One of the ways to do that is through the pictures you take. It’s especially useful to generate visitors to raise the traffic. Traffic will eventually increase your rank to be found by people that are looking for photographers specifically.

Don’t stop updating

There are many kinds of updates you need to maintain when you own a site. There’s the version update for the theme, plugins, and the platform. All these require constant 24/7 monitoring and that’s why having a hosting provider do it for you is easier.

The next update is in terms of content. Be sure to always have something new on your site every one or two months. Keep it active by uploading your latest work to keep people coming back and instill interest in potential clients.

Photography SEO does n’ts are best avoided at all cost. Not avoiding them will impact your site heavily when many others are already excelling and around for a much longer time.