Baby Photography: Expect and Prepare

baby photographyMaybe you’ve been in the baby photography business for a long time. Or maybe you’re just about to dive into the field. Either way, you’re here to find out ways to create an even better experience for your clients and ensure that you can provide high-quality service.

It’s not easy admittedly, because babies can’t be controlled or modeled. All you can do is snap the moment and whatever expressions they show. We cannot help you to make the baby laugh again, that’s more like an innate talent. But we can help you expect the problems that may come and prevent them or solve them.

‘Accidents’ happen

Yep, babies can’t tell you when they need to go to the toilet. That’s why you can expect accidents to happen to your set sooner or later! Because this happens often, parents might be wary on the hygiene of the set. You will also need to be able to clean it up quickly, so the session can move on.

You need to have wet tissue and clean towel at your disposal. Depending on the props that are going to be used, in the case they got dirtied as well, you should prepare a substitute if necessary. Sometimes, the accidents happen when the parents are holding their babies and it got on them. They’ll have to clean up and change into a new set of clothes. Expect things to extend the time necessary to get this done.

Explain things to your parents

Your clients will first ask how long the session could be. The best thing to tell them is to not expect the quickest, but the longest needed time. Look at the pictures of baby photography done by If you want to know, many of them took longer than 2 hours, but worth it.

Help them prepare and explain the things that could happen. This way, they can arrange their schedule and make sure that everything can be done in one day, without getting pressured by time.

Babies react… unexpectedly

We never prepare for the kind of expressions babies are going to show. In fact, sometimes, parents can get disappointed because their babies weren’t too happy or surprised as they hoped. There’s no telling to how to make your baby react likewise, thus, you can only shoot what is given to you. Whether that’s a laughing baby, crying baby, or an ignorant one.

This should also be explained to parents. Even if the pictures you showed them were babies that looked very intrigued and interested in whatever is going on, tell the parents that each baby reacts differently. They have, after all, different parents and different ways of presenting things. This can help you to avoid disappointments and create realistic expectations for the parents.

Babies grow up

Yep, babies grow up. In baby photography, you also find photographers who expand their line of work to children and family portraits. It’s because the method and subjects that you shoot don’t actually differ that much. It can be deemed easier as you can direct your clients as to where and how they should look or act.

Keep the line of communication and relationship well with all your clients. You never know when one of them will still remember and come back to you with their graduating children.